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SPACE+elegant living 1&2

Publisher: highone publishing
Binding: hardcover
Language: English

Detailed introduction

Space+Elegant Living I is about villa space designs. Thedesigners show their talents to the world by providing the amazingdesigns to us. The readers can always find the style they love forthe villas in the book are located in different places withdifferent cultural background, of course in different styles.

From this book, readers can appreciate the allocation plan ofthe space, learn the unique grasp of the details and accessories,and, on this basis, experience the elegant and original designphilosophy, to get more aesthetic imagination, and witness theextraordinary achievements and infinite vitality of theinternational villa space design.

From the designers’ point, the villa space design should beneither limited to the traditional mode of hexahedron nor contentwith the simple way to open a window, it ought to boldly make abreakthrough in the field of space form.

Space+Elegant Living II is a book with a large number ofprecious pictures and text materials, it introduces villa spacedesigns of the designers and design agencies from all over theworld. All the villa designs in the book are unique and innovativewith the different plans, different materials and differentdecorations, readers can always find the one they love. So, afteryou read this book, which one would you like to live in?