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publisher: highone publishing

Binding: hardcover
Language: English

Detailed introduction

Top Graphic Design Series: Brochure and Layout Design II
A brochure is a magazine or thin book with pictures that give you information about a product or service. Text and images are powerful tools for communications. But one more thing we call it layout is essential to the brochure. It is a part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. It generally involves organizational principles of composition to achieve specific communication objectives. This book brings you a visual feast on brochure and layout.
Top Graphic Design Series: Brand II
This is another masterpiece after the first volume that has gained great success.
It collects over 103 design companies, personal studio, the group's outstanding design works at home and abroad. It is quite safe to say that the publication is to be the window of brand design trend. Here, readers will be inspired by the unique, impressive and creative design.

Top Graphic Design Series: Package II
This book collects various excellent package designs at home and abroad. Reader can learn from the book that package design uses many methods to express its cultural core. They are distortion, extrusion, superposition, annexation and decoration, etc. The specific features of product can also be reflected by package style, pattern, images, colors, text and material.