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Good Idea 4

AUTHOR : Hightone Publishing Limited
PUBLISHER: Hightone Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-988-14009-1-8
English, 365pages, 225*185mm, Hard Cover

Detailed introduction

Numerous information flood our life. Every look of our lifes are filled with information, but we only need very little of them. We have to get rid of the useless information to gain the useful ones. The same is true in the field of deisgn. Some times disigners are not short of design materials, but short of selection. Wise choice and good ideas can sure get clear visual presentations form vague design concept. The art of simplicity always creat great works.
This book gathers the most innovative and creative small graphic design works, including business card, greeting card, invitation letter, tags and so on. It focuses on the small graphic that contains big creation which comes from designer's good ideas. Let's enjoy those wonderful ideas. You won't be disappointed.