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Top Graphic Design Series Brand 3

Publisher: highone publishing
Binding: hardcover
Language: English

Detailed introduction

 In some ways, a brand can be understood as the gut feeling that a customer has when they think about your business. That gut feeling could be either good or bad depending on how effectively you brand your business.

A good and effective brand design should collaborate all the creative design elements that necessary to develop a successful brand, to create the culmination of your product or service.


What a brand design includes is not only a few casual words and random pattern, it need to have its unique connotation and characteristic, it bears the brand’s additional value.

Label is an expression method of visual image. A well-designed label can provide the correct and plenty information by using simple but effective words and pattern.

A good design doesn’t need many annotations. It is no need to explain the brand by long text. Pattern is a language. Effectively combine the pattern and a few words to express the connotation of a brand is a best way.

Conveying the brand intention to the clients, designer is very important to an impressive brand by his professional, effective and unique design. Everyone has his brand preference, and many people have brand loyalty for a certain brand. Thus the designer has to make the brand so attractive that clients will be attracted at the first glance, and lead them keep loving the brand.

Designer always searches for the perfect way to communicate an idea. It is necessary for him to find some inspiration resource, and get to know the design trend nowadays.

This book is a collection of the latest, professional or influential brand designs around the world. Choose hundred of brand designs from thousand of works, to compile a volume from which you can touch, learn and appreciate the gorgeous brands designed by the pioneer designers and well-known agencies. Each design is a successful case that designers make for a distinct brand. This book will provide you with a brand feast that you can absorb nutrition from the brand boutique.