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Top Graphic Design Series Packaging 3

Publisher: highone publishing
Binding: hardcover
Language: English

Detailed introduction

 Packaging makes product be safe, beautiful, as well as a power marketing tool.  

Packaging is the visual appearance of a product, while the appearance is an integral part of a brand image. Unique and beautiful packaging can attract consumers at first glance, and arouse consumers’ visual pleasure, so to lead consumers to buy the product.

As a part of the marketing campaign, the package design should include some information about the product. Usually, consumers only spend a short time, maybe only a few seconds, to view each product on the shelves. Therefore, it is important to attract consumers at first glance. Choosing a few words wisely and accurately to represent the product, and designing attractive words and label are necessary.  

Packaging design should proceed with logo, graphic, color, shape and material, take the characteristics of product into consideration, and follow a few basic rules of packaging design: protect product, beautify product, make product easy in use, coordinate every design element, to gain a best packaging design.

Pattern and color design are important factor to highlight the product’s personality. Visualized packaging design and brand image are the most effective promotion method.

Exclusively focused on the packaging designs globally, TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES – PACKAGING 3 shows you an aesthetic world of the admirable designs. With the characteristics of fresh, or gorgeous, or simple but effective, the packaging within the book will lead you to perceive beauty, appreciate beauty and to create beauty. Furthermore, to understand and master the visual or structural innovation that the packaging display. It is absolutely a treasurable book that you deserve to have.