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Hightone, established in 2004, Guangzhou, is a renowned company that focuses on design book. Since its establishment, it has provided thousands of professional design books ranging from architecture, interior, brand, packaging, logo, brochure, to pantone and picture materials.


Under the leadership of Hightone, Hightone Publishing Company, Hightone Book Company, and Art Card Company were established.


Hightone Publishing Company, established in Hongkong, based on China, facing the world, is a professional publishing organization that integrates book’s editing, designing, publishing, and planning.


Hightone Book Company puts emphasis on sales. Based on quality, with international vision to expand business, selling books to Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Lebanon, India, etc.


Art Card Company owns independent R&D department, design team and manufacturing plant, is a modern firm that devotes to designing, manufacturing, and selling cards and invitations. 


Since its establishment, Hightone depends on “expand original designs, promote design communications” attitude to show customers with the latest design works in the world, is customers' need-oriented and user experience focused. In the meantime, the distributing of card and invitation designs goes into the fast lane of development, becomes bigger and stronger, forms the core competence of the group together with the book business.